Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Spooky Halloween - Spooky Dogs

Okay, so I know this next recipe is not rocket science but it is the mom within be doing something fun with food for the sake of my kids. Too bad it was like pulling teeth to get my oldest to finish his meal knowing that it was something that on a good day would be gone in a flash but for what it is worth...I bring you Mummy Dogs. Enjoy!

6-8 Hot Dogs (I prefer Nathan's or Hebrew National)
6-8 American cheese slices
1 container pizza crust dough in tub form

Open up the pizza dough on a clean surface and stretch it out gently to a rectangle shape. With a pizza roller cut 6-8 strips of dough (depending on how many hot dogs you have). Take the slice of American cheese, break it in half and snug it around the hot dog leaving the top inch plain. Next take your dough strip, starting from one end and tightly wrap it around the cheese covered hot dog, and pinch all seals as tightly together as possible leaving the top inch of the hot dog exposed.  Place all your dogs on a cookie sheet and bake at 375 for 15 minutes until dough is golden brown. Once the mummies have cooked and cooled dot with mustard for eyeballs.

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