Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Mom's With Cameras Workshop

So, one of the first friends I met in the "bridal business" was my dear friend Evin of Evin Photography down in Franklin. She was just about ready to leave her full time marketing job to start her photography business and I had just had my first muffin a few months prior and was trying to figure out how to bake and make money. She and I have kept in touch, even with the new addition to my family and the two to hers and I have been blessed to work with her for several weddings including her sisters. She is an AMAZING photographer and can make my food look better than I could ever imagine! Two weeks ago she taught her first Mom's with Camera's workshops and it was a huge success! I was lucky enough to attend with the admission fee of a few cupcakes. She shared with us a ton of info on how to take good pictures of your little ones and what all of those fancy terms mean in the photography world. It was a super fun night and I am so glad I was able to go meet some new mommies and share this night with my friend. She will be teaching another class in March and I would highly recommend it for any mom's out there wanting to have a few tricks up there photography sleeve, or for anyone wanting more info on how to take a decent photo. It is sure to be another great night full of fun and good food (provided by a gal I know)
Check out the link below for some beautiful shots of the night including my Creme Brulee cupcakes, mini chocolate Boston cream pies and Key Lime Dip.

Enjoy Y'all!


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  1. I know I've mentioned it before but Evin was our wedding photographer (it was just before she went full time) and I just loved her!