Friday, January 20, 2012

What's on your table for tonight?

Okay, I don't want you guys to start thinking that every day is a food party around here! I mean, I wish it was but we are normal people who eat normal things and it is not every day that I come up with some culinary invention. I have plenty of recipes I am dying to share with you, but we do eat, and I do make some of the recipes that have already been shared with you on this site. We have had some exciting news around here this past week so in honor of the big news I decided to make Yellow Rose Cafe: Nasty Lasty Chicken Fingers
They are DELICIOUS! They are the ultimate savory and sweet treat and the kids gobble them up like candy (well, there is honey on them!) I looked back at my old post of this and decided to add some pictures to it so that you would be drooling by the time you were done and would be forced to get to cookin'! These are, by far, our family favorite "fried" chicken.
So, what's on your menu this weekend? I will be testing out some of my old stand-byes this weekend like homemade spaghetti and meatballs and creamy cheesecake so be prepared for your eyeballs and grocery bill to become overwhelmed with goodies!

Enjoy Y'all!

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