Saturday, January 14, 2012

Facebook here we come!

You can now find the Yellow Rose Cafe on Facebook! Hint, it is NOT the cafe in North Carolina that sells beer and hot wings. Not that there is anything wrong with beer and hot wings. It is not the cafe that is closed in Chicago...poor guy. That Yankee picked the wrong name for that neck of the woods. It is not "Dads" Yellow Rose Cafe in Texas. My dad has nothing to do with this rose anymore (Love ya, dad!) It is not the Yellow Rose Cafe in Mississippi. I'm sure that cafe is lovely but is not my cafe. My Yellow Rose Cafe is located in Nashville in the heart of my home, and is a taste of my lifestyle fusion of Texas spirit and Southern soul.
I look forward to meeting a bunch of new friends and sharing a whole batch of new recipes with all of you! So grab a seat and get comfy and thanks for stopping by my Yellow Rose Cafe!

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