Friday, September 17, 2010

Shake and Bake - Red Dirt Spice Mix

One of the things that has always puzzled me is that there is not a good spice blend for southwest style cooking. I mean, we have Cajun, bbq blends of all kinds, old bay, pretty much you name it and there is a spice blend. I finally decided to put together the typical spices that I use when making southwestern food and share with my cooking class and it was a hit. I will be famous for this blend one day, mark my word! :) But, I love you all so much I have decided to share it with you. Lucky dogs! This spice blend is great with beans, any kind of meat, sprinkled in a quesadilla, over popcorn, everything really. It is a great marinate, just rub this into the meat, squeeze a lime and a few drizzles of olive oil and let that all sit and soak up the love.

Red Dirt Spice Mix
1 palm full (approx 1 Tablespoon) Coriander
1 palm full (approx 1 Tablespoon) Cumin
1 palm full (approx 1 Tablespoon) Chili Powder
1/2 palm full garlic salt
1 heavy pinch Cayenne
Just mix this and put it in a small container, like a baby food jar and use as needed. Enjoy!

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  1. I thought from your title you were going to give us all permission to use Shake and Bake every once in a while!!
    Loving this new blog...