Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Hunk of Burning Love

Yes, this post will have nothing to do with food (well, maybe) but it will explain why I have been away. My youngest muffin, Finley Knox celebrated his first birthday this past week. Because he quickly morphed from a small peanut into a big boy naturally I decided to go with a "Big Boy" theme for his party, as in the old school Shoney's restaurant. We had patty melts, french fries and cupcakes in diner flavors such as chocolate malt, banana split, caramel cream soda and my fav, the Elvis (banana cake, chocolate buttercream and a heavy drizzle of peanut butter, oh yeah) It was super fun. I am sharing with you a few of my favorite picts. Finley Muffin has stepped into the cupcake world and welcomed it with open arms. Enjoy!

Birthday Cake

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  1. Oh my stinkin' goodness!! I can't decide if I'm drooling over the cupcakes or that stud Finley. So cute, and I am literally drooling over here. Everything looks fabulous!!!