Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Fancy Shmancy - Marinated Shrimp Cocktail

I have said it before but I grew up a preacher's kid. We were on a very limited budget so there are things like steak and seafood and cokes that we didn't have much of growing up. I remember the day my mom finally allowed me to order a Dr. Pepper out in public and thinking that I had moved up in the world by ordering a big girl drink. So, growing up you can imagine that when someone would have seafood at an event I would thought that they were loaded. I mean, who serves seafood to their friends, right? I love seafood and don't get to eat it as much as I would like since it brings out some crazy reactions in my house. I usually buy one fillet at a time so I don't have a bunch of waste but I hate only cooking for one! I have had some yummy seafood in my life, everything from fresh caught halibut by a halibut fisherman in Alaska to gulf coast shrimp fresh off the dock in Galveston to wild caught Maine lobster right out of the crate. I love it all! Shrimp cocktail is one of the few seafood items, and I mean few, that my husband will eat. We don't have it much unless I get a crazy good deal on shrimp since we are now the poor ones. Seafood cocktail is great but usually the shrimp has a bland taste, as if it is begging for some spicy friends to join in the cocktail party. I came up with a quick fix that will liven up shrimp cocktail in a jiffy! You must have really good, really good, cocktail sauce to go with shrimp cocktail, first rule. Second, you must also have a good tarter sauce for those that want to live a little. I make a yummy caper remoulade that I will share one day, but today is not that day. Third, you will need a lot of sliced lemons to have on the side for those who want an extra splash. Forth, you must marindae the shrimp prior to serving. The shrimp need some love. I am telling you, once you make this shrimp cocktail recipe once you will never go back to the boring shrimp ring. Those are the rules, now get busy. Really, your friends will be begging you to throw all of the parties and serve this (especially if you are footing the bill for the food!) But, you must also partner this shrimp with Yellow Rose Cafe: I owe you this one - Caper Dill Remoulade. Promise, they were made for each other.

Marinated Shrimp Cocktail
2 lbs 31-40 count jumbo shrimp pealed and deveined (the count is how many there are per pound. This is enough for a large party for approx 25 guests)
3 lemons thinly sliced
1 1/2 Tbsp old bay seasoning
2 tsp Louisiana hot sauce (more if you like it hot!)
Pour all of this and the rinsed shrimp into a large ziplock bag. Shake it around and allow it to sit in the fridge overnight. Serve with fresh lemon wedges, tarter and cocktail sauce.
I know, it looks almost so simple that you shouldn't bother with it but it makes a world of difference!!

Enjoy Y'all!!

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