Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Woo

I am in the process of trying to woo a new man. Yes, the salesman knows all about it. Since I started my crazy cake baking business I have been blessed to meet hundreds of new friends through word of mouth. I don't do advertising and I don't really talk about this business much at all because I like staying sorta hidden. When Graceland called me two years ago to enter the Elvis 75th birthday cake competition I remember asking several times how they found me. I have been so, so very lucky to have amazing clients who pass along my info and it has allowed me to have a great side "business". I really do think I am the luckiest girl in the world because I get to play with sugar and food, I mean come on. Does it get better than that?
Well, recently a new event planner was hired at the company I use to work for. I will not mention any names here simply because I want this to stay between the two of us. I am trying to woo him. The old even planner and I were good friends and I was able to work with her for several events but the new planner is new to Nashville and doesn't know a thing about me. I decided to put together a "Taste of Tennessee" platter to deliver him with a sample of a few cakes that have some Tennessee inspired toppings. I also threw in a box of cake shooters which are the newest item I have just added to my menu, more on that later. Alas, this post will not include any recipes but it will just show you a glimpse into my day job. Really, I am the luckiest!
Overall design

Vanilla cake with caramel buttercream and pecan praline topping with a mini guitar

Traditional vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream and a ham biscuit in honor of Loveless Cafe

The Elvis cake, Banana cake, peanut butter buttercream, chocolate and peanut butter drizzle and candied bacon sprinkles. Thank you very much
Chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream and blackberries. This has a replica of the Country Music Hall of Fame and the quote "May the circle be unbroken" which is inscribed in the rotunda of the building.

Cake shooter!!

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