Monday, January 3, 2011


Wow. It has been a while. Is anyone still there? I have taken a break from typing the last two months, not by choice but when you have a million Trojans decided to eat up your hard drive you are not left with too many choices other than to close up the computer and just walk away. So much has happened since we last talked. We have had many of my favorite holidays pass us by and personal celebrations for me including my 30th birthday and 7th wedding anniversary. December was a totally nutso month for me, between cooking, baking, catering, working, wrapping, traveling, decorating...there was not much time to sit and reflect on too much. But, I love the New Years day and eve celebrations and the fresh start that you are able to get every year. It is like changing out the batteries on an old toy for my babies and seeing their faces light up with excitement over something that was once old but is now new again. This year I have put forth many goals, not really resolutions but just things that I need to do. There are many areas in my life that I feel have been put on the back burner for a long time but this year I am going to take care of me. I want to shed a few pounds, read a few books, pay off some debt and hopefully work my way into being one step closer into owning my own place. I have been dreaming for several months now about opening up the Yellow Rose. I have laid awake many nights dreaming of my turquoise tables and ladder back chairs and what my menu will look like and the kind of boots I want to wear with my apron opening day. I tend to dream in full on color with lights flashing and cameras rolling but I am ready to put that dream in place. Please pray for me and my goals as I pray for you and yours. I pray that your goals will make you a better believer and follower of God and the unbelievable power that he has over our lives and that you will ask for His faithful provisions as he leads you and your loved ones into this next year. Cheers!

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